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I made partial view solo while making Partial View, and performed the solo as a preface to that 50-minute multimedia quartet. I restricted myself to utilizing only  half of the performance space for partial view solo - the stage-left/house-right half - with the idea that viewers would necessarily have different experiences of the solo based on their differing vantage points.  

I was able to work with Zeena Parkins’ score from the initial stages of making both Partial View and partial view solo.  In a first for us in our ongoing work together,  Zeena provided mock-up recordings of her newly composed music for me to dance to for the videotaped improvisations from which the movement in the works was chosen. For partial view solo, Zeena collected sonic material through a process that mirrored my movement-collection process: She recorded her own acoustic-harp improvisations, and then layered selected sections atop each other. Zeena included a version of that music on her next album, Necklace, as “Solo for Neil.”  Thrilling, for me. 

Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City, in April 2005.


Performed by: Neil Greenberg

Original Music: Zeena Parkins

Lighting Design: Michael Stiller

Costume: Liz Prince

Videography by Character Generators, Mark Robison, Director, at Dance Theater Workshop in April, 2005

Editing by Ray Roy

Videotaped by the Dance Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts for preservation in the Jerome Robbins Archive of the Recorded Moving Image  


American Music Center Live Music for Dance Program


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Zeena Parkins: “Solo for Neil.” Necklace. Tzadik, 2006

© Julie Lemberger

© Julie Lemberger

© Julie Lemberger