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Sequel20004 dancers23 min

I made Sequel as a companion piece for This Is What Happened, so the dance is, indeed, a sequel. I was continuing the “danse-noir” strain of my work, using as a structural point of departure the fragmentary progression and rate with which information is revealed in suspense films. I drew most of the raw movement material for each work from videotaped improvisations of myself dancing to music Bernard Herrmann composed for the films of Alfred Hitchcock. For Sequel the music comes entirely from Hitchock’s masterpiece Vertigo (I do love that film). 

By titling the dance Sequel I was also gesturing toward the notion of context - that the perception of information, including dance information, depends on its setting, yes. But I was also proposing that Sequel, or any of my dances, might be seen in context of my other works, and my overarching project concerning meaning-making, that no dance is an island.  

Premiered at The Joyce Theater, NYC in January 2000.

Choreography and Text: Neil Greenberg
Performed by: Ori Flomin, Neil Greenberg, Justine Lynch, Paige Martin

Music: Bernard Herrmann, excerpts from Vertigo

Music Remixes: Zeena Parkins

Lighting Design: Michael Stiller

Costumes: Liz Prince

Production Stage Manager: Andy Russ

Assistant Lighting Director: Leo Janks

Bernard Herrmann’s music used with the kind permission of John Waxman. 

Recordings courtesy of Esa-Pekka Salonen and The Los Angeles Philharmonic on SONY Classical.

Videotaped by the Dance Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts for preservation in the Jerome Robbins Archive of the Recorded Moving Image.  

Videography by Sathya Production Services at The Joyce Theater on January 15, 2000

Cameras: Juan Barrera, James Covello, Jerry Cancel

Editors: Molly McBride, Neil Greenberg

Video Engineer: August Yuson


Commissioned by the 2000 Altogether Different Fund for New Works, sponsored by The Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc. with major support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

New York State Council on the Arts

Harkness Foundation for Dance
James E. Robison Foundation


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Excerpts from This Is What Happened

Neil Greenberg
© Johan Elbers

L-R: Ori Flomin, Paige Martin
© Johan Elbers

Neil Greenberg
© Johan Elbers

L-R: Paige Martin, Neil Greenberg
© Johan Elbers

L-R: Paige Martin, Ori Flomin
© Tom Brazil